Temple on a Glass Cliff

‘The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts’ – Marcus AureliusOne of the highlights of my three weeks in Thailand was visiting Wat Pha Sorn Kaew or the Temple on a Glass Cliff in the district of Khao Kho. The Wat is set on an 830m peak, a few hundred meters from the town of Kheam Son. It was established in 2004 and exists with an intention to be a place for the Foundation of Mindfulness practice, a core Buddhist principle. The drive up was amazing, on a mo-ped you get a real feel for the surroundings. The rice fields, forests and mountains were endless, driving along dusty back roads, through small towns and past farms. Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than a simple, free drive with nature. It is easy to forget the original beauty of the world.

Once arriving, the walk in is breathtaking. You’re so high up the clouds are within touching distance, submerging the mountain peaks. The low grey clouds add to the impact of the massive, white Buddha as it stands out against the grey and green backdrop. However my favourite aspect of this day trip was the Temple. Whilst I loved the dazzling whiteness of the Buddha, the bright colours of the Temple were much preferred. The floors, walls and stairs were embedded with colourful bits of crockery, tiles and jewellery. The patterns created are amazing and you can tell it’s created with patience and hard work. The mosaics are incredible, I could not stop admiring the creator’s handiwork and dreaming of having a spiral staircase in my own house embedded with such colour. There are over 5 million tiles and pottery items with five sitting Buddha statues already complete. The entire site is a visual feast of colour and light. What the Temple lacks in history, it makes up for in beauty and atmosphere.

I recommend anyone who find themselves in the Khao Kho district to pay this place a visit, hidden in the mountains it’s a treasure trove of views and colour. It is certainly not to be missed.


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