Running in Rainbows

‘Everybody on the planet has all the colours of the rainbow inside’ – Alexia Fast.On 17th June, it was Beijing Colour Run. I have heard of these in England as they are fairly common however have never taken part in one. In February the tickets went on sale and Josh and I, along with a group of our friends, jumped at the chance. Finally the day arrived. We donned our colour run t-shirts, shorts (in Josh’s case), sweatbands, gold transfer tattoos and sunglasses, sat on the subway for one hour and arrived at the big event.On the walk from the subway station to the run event, people were selling the powdered paint. Our colour run bags already provide us with as package each but we were eager to look like rainbows and stocked up. The stocking up also meant starting early and before we had even started the run, we were coated in yellow, pink, green and blue paint! Not only did we enjoy targeting each other but ythr Chinese runners found it highly entertaining to cover us in colours then request a selfie. At one point during the run (I keep saying run but we actually walked the entire way), the ten of us sat on the grass to relax and for the smokers to smoke. During those 10 minutes I lost track of the number of people that took pictures of our group or asked to be in photos with us.The run was 5km and each kilometer was highlighted by either an aisle of colour, so you would walk through a sea of blue or orange or pink powder, or foam. It was so much fun; the weather was hot and the sun was not too strong. The ten of us spent the five hours giggling, drinking beers, eating ice creams and running around like children , brandishing our coloured paint powder weapons. By the end of the race, our colours had merged so much we just looked a dirty brown. It was a great day and I recommend a colour run to anyone, it’s a cheap, fun and different kind of day.A chance to be a rainbow. It is said that it is the happiest 5km on the planet.


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